Volume 2, Issue 1, April 2017

Volume 2, Issue 1, April 2017

ISSN 2501-7837
ISSN-L 2501-7837

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  • Methods of decision under certainty in applied emergency management

    Author: Ing. drd. Alexandru IFRIM, Ec. Raluca GHIMAN, Ph. Dr. Irinel Alexandru PRECUP

    Abstract: The present study shows how to develop information used during the decision-making process regarding procurement of equipment necessary to manage an emergency situation produced by floods.
    Moments method or Deutch-Martin method applies in case of decision making problems for which the criteria are equally important. The method has as a first step the normalization of consequences matrix. This method was used to analyse the purchasing of equipment for intervention in case of some major flooding events.
    Use of moments method optimally generates some clear results on procurement of goods and services that can be used in practice by the skilled professionals for emergency situations services.

    Keywords: Moments method or Deutch-Martin method, services for emergency situations, consequences matrix, normalized matrix.

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