Volume 2, Issue 1, April 2017

Volume 2, Issue 1, April 2017

ISSN 2501-7837
ISSN-L 2501-7837

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  • Relocated churches in the centre of Bucharest

    Author: Maria Bostenaru

    Abstract: The demolitions for the creation of the civic centre destroyed one fifth of the area of Bucharest. The destructions include a part of the architectural ambience of the streets, documented by Gheorghe Leahu for example in watercolours, important monuments such as the Brâncovenesc hospital or the Văcărești monastery. Apart of the demolitions, some monuments such as churches could be saved through relocation, an ingenuous method of the engineer Eugen Iordăchescu. This saved through relocation from their original place a number of monuments but lacking protection of the historical site. Other was demolished, the earthquake damage being abusively used as reason for the demolition. Although some religious buildings could be saved through that method, they were lacking the original monastery precinct and hidden behind blocks of flats. The boulevard of the so-called Victory of Socialism, named by some the Victory of Socialism on the city, cut the organic tissue resulting into streets transformed into dead ends of suddenly sectioned like the street of Rahova, sectioned by the boulevard, for which urban solutions are still looked for. The amplitude of the problem was clear in the international competition Bucharest 2000, won by the German office Meinhard von Gerkan. According to this solution, the monumental dimensions of the House of People could be put in scale only through the construction of some skyscrapers in the area remained park around it, where because of the rubbish from demolitions plants don’t grow adequately.

    Keywords: photography, church, relocation, mapping, GIS.

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